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So what's in Maine?

Believe it or not, not all states have an overpopulation of stray and unwanted animals.  Oklahoma does, but Maine and other states do not. Lots of people in Maine would love to adopt a rescue animal, but often there aren't enough available.  We began a relationship with an animal rescue in Maine after one of our dogs was adopted by an amazing Maine resident who set up the connection!

*Our transports help save 50 animals per month! This is a great way to volunteer your time and see the country!

Road Trip!

So where do they go?

Our SPACAR animals are transported to our partner rescues at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) in Westbrook, Maine and Midcoast Humane in Brunswick, Maine. These non-profit rescues receive animals from across the nation to save them from overcrowded areas where adoption numbers are low. In-house, they have exceptional vet care as well as humane educational programs. Our animals receive the best treatment and are placed in loving homes in Maine.
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How do they get there?

We drive them! SPACAR now has its very own transport vehicle that we use to drive our animals to Maine. Wonderful SPACAR volunteers drive straight from Skiatook, stopping along the way for potty and food breaks. 



Portland &


Fun Facts!

Maine has more people wanting to adopt dogs and cats than they have available!

SPACAR animals are typically adopted within 14 days of arriving at ARLGP in Maine!

Upon arrival, ARLGP provides acupuncture to our pups after the long drive from Oklahoma! 

If you foster for us, your foster may have the opportunity to go to Maine. Ask us!

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