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About Us

In 2013, Paige Bodden formed Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue (SPACAR) based on her dream to make the community’s animal control facility a “no-kill” shelter. The rescue and its shelter are located in the town of Skiatook in northeastern Oklahoma just 30 minutes from Tulsa. Paige’s idea was to pull every dog and cat from the shelter who was deemed adoptable and place them into foster families, then adopt them to loving forever homes. Putting this idea into motion, she teamed with two friends and formed SPACAR into what it is today.


Over 1000 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our rescue!

Hundreds of homeless and forgotten dogs and cats end up in Skiatook and other local animal shelters year after year. We want to lower this number! Rescues like SPACAR find homes for many of these abandoned animals every year. We would love to take in every animal that comes our way.  As a small non-profit, this is only possible with monetary donations, like yours, and dedicated fosters and volunteers. Please remember to spay and neuter and take advantage of low cost clinics across our area.

We do accept new or gently used crates, beds, toys, dog/cat food, collars, etc.  We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible.


To find loving homes for the lost souls that fall into our hands. 



Paige 2.jpg

Paige Bodden

President and Founder (2013-Present)

Since its formation, Paige has guided SPACAR’s growth and progress by mobilizing an amazing team of dedicated fosters, advocates, sponsors, and volunteers. To date, SPACAR has found homes for over 5,000 animals in the surrounding area through a vetting and application-based adoption process. Along with being the President and Founder of SPACAR, Paige and her family live in Skiatook with their many animals and SPACAR fosters! 


Christy Kannegiesser

Treasurer and Board Member (2014-Present)

In February 2014, Christy joined SPACAR and became a foster for SPACAR. Christy continued to work as a foster, became administrator of the SPACAR Facebook page in 2016, and began serving on the board (2018-present). She now leads our cat adoption program.  She lives in Skiatook with her husband and two daughters. In addition to all of her volunteering, Christy also works full time as an IT professional! 


Amber Ridenour

Secretary and Board Member (2015-Present)

Amber joined the SPACAR team in 2015 to help with fundraising and remained a volunteer and fundraising coordinator until she joined the board in 2018. It is Amber’s goal to educate as many families as possible about the pet overpopulation problem in Oklahoma and offer as much assistance as she can. Amber is always working to find more ways to be able to do more, educate more, save more. Amber currently lives in Skiatook with her husband, daughter, and four dogs.  Plus, she owns a pet themed boutique, Paws & Brew. 

Volunteer Staff

Mutt Hut yellow.jpg

Glen Emery

Volunteer Coord. + Mutt Hut

Vet Icon.jpg

Karen Stone

Spay & Neuter Coord.

Transport Icon.jpg

Angelica Poor

Transport Coordinator

Events Icon.jpg

Janelle Kingsley

Events Coordinator

Cat Icon.jpg

Jessica Thompson

Cat Intake Coordinator

Fundraising Icon.jpg

Kellie Jo Morton

Fundraising Coordinator

Grant Icon.jpg

Jill Jones

Grant Coordinator

Pet food pantry.jpg

Sherry Thompson

Pet Food Pantry


Emily Greenlee

Vaccine Clinic Coordinator 

spay neuter.jpg

Nicole Gholson

Fix My Pet Coordinator

Poo Crew.jpg

Susan Cook

Poo Crew Coordinator

Volunteer Icon.jpg

Dacia Bush

Volunteer Appreciation Coord.

Admin Yellow.jpg

Jackie Waszut

Administration Coordinator


Laura Williams

Inventory Coordinator

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